ProGame is available in two flavors: Stamina — cherry flavor and Focus – mango&apricot flavor and it’s fully adapted to gamers and their needs: it contains low calories, optimal level of caffeine from a natural source, along with vitamins and mineral.

ProGame was developed by Jamnica — from the concept and name of the product, design, recipe, and brand identity, all the way to the production in Jamnica’s production plant in Pisarovina.


ProGame was developed in collaboration with 300 gamers, who chose flavour and packaging design.


ProGame is a functional drink developed in collaboration with gamers. When feeling exhausted and need to recharge your energy – vitamins B3, B6 and biotin in Stamina contribute to normal energy – yielding metabolism. In Focus – to sharpen your performance – vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental performances. ProGame does not contain taurine.

The unique sweetness is provided by palatinose, a type of carbohydrate that has a low glycemic index and releases sugar slowly, in comparison to glucose. This means that it provides energy, but without a “sugar crash”.



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